Online-Partnersuche – auch im Alter relevant

Das Thema Online Partnersuche ist längst nicht mehr nur der jungen Generation vorbehalten. Immer mehr reife Semester bedienen sich ebenfalls des Mediums Internet, um dort nach einer (zweiten) großen Liebe zu suchen. Das haben auch Anbieter von Dating-Portalen erkannt und so wundert es nicht, dass einige Portale spezifisch für die Partnersuche über 50 eröffnet wurden. Und der Erfolg gibt den Websites recht. Die Generation Internet wird älter und reifer und die Möglichkeiten, die bei diesem leicht zu erlernenden Medium vorhanden sind, werden immer stärker geschätzt.

Welche Menschen über 50 suchen online einen Partner?

Die Partnersuche im Internet wird auch bei den Silberlöwen von unterschiedlichen Menschengruppen genutzt. Angefangen vom Dauersingle über die geschiedene Akademikerin, bis hin zum Witwer, sind zahlreiche Personentypen vertreten. Eines haben sie jedoch alle gemeinsam: Sie sehnen sich danach, noch einmal Wärme und Zuneigung in ihr Leben zu lassen. Zugegeben, nicht immer sind die Flirtkünste der älteren Semester noch auf dem neusten Stand, doch man kommt sich entgegen, beschnuppert einander und lernt sich so besser kennen. Und wenn das Herz im gleichen Takt schlägt, werden auch kleine Fauxpas beim Kennenlernen gern verziehen.

Klassische Dating-Portale auch für ältere Menschen?

Natürlich stehen auch die typischen Partnerbörsen für die Partnersuche über 50 offen, doch hier werden die Altersgruppen durchmischt. Wer damit kein Problem hat, kann sich auch an Dating-Apps, Singlebörsen oder anderen Methoden der Partnersuche probieren. Gut geeignet sind derartige Angebote vor allem dann, wenn auch jüngere Frauen oder Männer als Partner in Betracht kommen. Für Einsteiger sind es aber oft die speziellen Websites, die sich zum „reinschnuppern“ eignen, weil sie ohne viel Schnickschnack und dafür mit einem ruhigen, soliden Rahmen und allerlei Angeboten für die passende Zielgruppe zur Verfügung stehen. Menschen wachsen mit dem Angebot und die Entwicklung in Richtung Onlinewelt macht auch vor Silbersingles nicht Halt.

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How does online dating work?

It’s time to take a look. Online dating is complicated. There are a lot of things that go into success. The whole process is way more than just sending messages and seeing who replies. It’s about finding the right people, sending messages, making plans and going on dates.

But it’s also about making sure you’ve thought of all of your options, about knowing the best ways to get what you want and having a plan you’re comfortable with. You have got the idea of what you’re looking for. You know what you want in a partner. You’re up to speed on the best ways to make that happen. You’ll need an idea about Dating also on dating sites like OKcupid or others.

That means you’ve got an idea of the profile you want to create and the site you want to use. You’ve got your basic plan of attack down.

Now, it’s time to go through that and make sure you’ve got it all covered. You want to make sure you’ve got an idea of what sites are out there and which one you want to use. You’ve also got to know what you’re looking for in a partner. When you’re looking for an online date, there are a lot of options. There’s a lot to think about. It’s important that you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re looking for. It also means having an idea of what you want in a date. You want to have a clear idea of what you want to do. You want to know what you want to do on your first date, and you want to know what you want to do on your second date.

All of that will help you create a great profile. All of that will help you know what you’re looking for and what to say when you start talking to people.

There’s a big difference between writing a profile and getting a date. You’ve got to know how to put yourself out there in a way that will get people interested. You’ve also got to know how to make sure your profile is clear. You’ve got to know how to make sure your profile is attractive. That means knowing how to talk about yourself. It means knowing how to talk about what you’re looking for. It means knowing how to make a profile that’s honest and clear and attractive.

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Anonymous and discreet – Why dating apps are so popular these days

When it comes to dating, our generation no longer has the time or the mood to invest in a serious relationship. This is the reason why more and more youngsters are now adopting the hook up culture and are happy to meet up with attractive members from opposite sex for discreet fling or casual sex. For this, there are several casual dating sites and applications to be a part of and kick start the fun. Even though the culture and these applications are considered against the morals of the society by a few people, these apps and sites are on the rise and are perhaps at an all time high in popularity now.

So mobile apps from C-Date, Tinder, Adult Fried Finder and Victoria Milan have really been on the rise in Scandinavian region and believe it or not, more than 40 % of adults are registered here on these sites and applications. It’s quite surprising that even from countries thought to be as shy as Norway and Sweden, people are open to the idea of having casual sexual encounters and one night stands. Great, but what makes them so popular? Why is it that these apps now have an ever growing customer base? That’s what I am going to reveal here today.
So imagine having the mood to go for casual sex and all you have is internet and mobile phone. You might end up paying for sex to an escort service but here’s the deal- dating apps like Tinder and C-Date are now changing the trend and have already turned the game around. The dating apps are registering a consistent growth in the number of users and they are not just horny men looking to calm their pants down- that’s right, even girls and ladies are present in huge numbers. So how is it that these apps have such a huge number of local Scandinavian women? The answer is anonymity and discreetness that is being offered by these apps that are following a women centric approach.
To protect the identity of the women and to protect them from any bad consequence, these leading dating apps (e.g. C-date Norge and C-Date Sverige) might allow men to browse through profiles but doesn’t let them make contact unless the lady approves of it. So girls have the power to select a man as their partner or reject him out of the list. The men can’t contact the ladies back or ask for match unless the ladies want to reconsider. So not only do you get to select your fling by going through the picture and some hobbies or description, your contact details and personal information are conveniently kept secret so that you are not stalked at all and do not feel uncomfortable. Anonymity at its best is witnessed here in every last detail and what’s more, you do not have to worry about anything being leaked.
Dating apps are popular not only because they offer anonymity and discreet ways to hook up, but also because of their overall functionality as well. If the app is female friendly and allows the local Scandinavian girls to have more priority than male members, it is already on its way to success.
No longer do you need to wait to find someone to fall in a serious relation with you. If you are ready to go ahead for a casual encounter and would keep it completely discreet and anonymous before it’s safe to exchange personal info, you need to use some the best and popular dating apps for getting laid sooner.

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What you need to know about Dating Aussie Girls

Do your Homework and Score

Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman aren’t bad

If you are making your way to the land down under, you better do your homework before you get  there if you’re looking to get friendly with the ladies. Depending on what culture you come from, make sure you understand Australian women have open arms toward all cultures; this ethnic diversity is a part of them.

Don’t piss them off!

In other words don’t start bashing specific cultures or even sexual orientations, not if you want to make a good first impression with Australian women.

Porcelain dolls they are not!

aussieI learned this one the hard way. On one of my first dates in Australia I was invited to play a friendly game of rugby. I thought I was quite the player; until the girl I was trying to impress totally took me out. She was half my weight and I have never been more humiliated in my life. Of course everyone was laughing in good fun and I quickly learned Australian women love their sports!

These girls also work hard, are very smart, and just want to be treated with respect. That’s pretty straight forward.

A sense of humor gets you bonus points.

I’m an average looking guy, and I just happened to be blessed with a wicked sense of humor the Australian girls love. If you can make a girl laugh, you’ve already got your foot in the door. I actually got a “referral” date because I was so funny. What happened was, the cute girl I was dating decided to get back with her x-boyfriend, and she thought I was so wonderfully funny that she hooked me up with her friend. Sweet deal for me!

I swear these women have balls!

Let me explain this one. Growing up in the outback conditions these women tend to be strong in mind and spirit; they’re tough! Very little fazes them. I watched one of my dates change a flat and then get set for a spectacular elegant ballet performance. They are laid back and easygoing; always rooting for the underdog; courageous and honest, that about sums them up.

I better not forget to mention there are a few awesome online dating sites when you’re looking to meet beautiful Australian women. Zoosk, Elite Singles, and C-date are the ones I’ve used, for different reasons. The more the merrier, right?

All that’s left for you is to jump right in and get wet!

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If you’re looking for Serious Women in Canada…

Elite Singles is your Solution

Sign up and find your Match

I’ll admit it’s tough as a guy to pinpoint those super sexy single women that are actually looking  for a serious relationship. Although for most of my serial dating career I’ve tried to keep it super casual and fun, there have been occasions where I really wanted to finally find “the one.” 

This dream was pretty much impossible hitting the clubs in Canada. Most of the girls I met would talk the talk but wouldn’t walk the walk. I remember visiting a couple expat friends in London, Ontario, Canada, where I met a couple really gorgeous women who were supposedly looking for a serious relationship. I found out the hard way they were just searching for a serious relationship for the moment, until a richer opportunity came around. 

A little frustrating as a guy when you’re actually ready to turn that corner and commit to dating just one girl at a time.

For guys looking for well-educated serious relationships…

I highly recommend you check out Elite Singles.

With this site you can immediately identify the type of woman you’re looking for and you’ll know they are actually looking for a relationship, not just a romp in the hay. 

Unfortunately the main issue I’ve found with other online dating sites is they are loaded with hookups; girls just looking to get their feet wet and play around a little before shouting out NEXT! That’s all fine and dandy if that’s what you’re into. But it really sucks if you are ready for a serious relationship and don’t want to dick around.

On Elite Singles you’ll find successful busy women that have both brains and beauty, and just don’t really have time to date the old-fashioned way. This is where you will find special ladies that aren’t afraid of commitment and marriage.

*56% of the membership base is single women

*Two-thirds of members have at least a Bachelor’s degree

This sight was create with “lasting love in mind.”

It’s loaded with passionate people. Doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to find your perfect match, but at least you are looking in the premium pool and not the mud puddle! 

I remember crystal clear the first time I tried elite dating; in all honesty I was skeptical. Could have been because I just got off that gynormously fun but dead end Plenty of Fish (read also the POF experience here). I swear that site ONLY has serial daters. Girls that will never in a zillion years be satisfied with the guy in front of them because they are already getting excited with the new profile on the street.

Nice gals but definitely not the type you want to take home to your mom and set your sites on marrying.

With Elite Singles it was easy to sign up for the free membership. I just took the short personality test and created a profile, then free of charge I was sent suggestions for a match! There’s also the option for a paid membership that gives you a few extras. I upgraded to the paid version and every girl I dated was a home run! 

A couple of my buddies and I were talking and I think the reason this site is awesome for meeting quality Canadian women is because you’ve got to get into the personal details up front. 

*You can’t be married or in a relationship

*You can’t fake your identity because ES can ask you to verify at any time

*You can’t sign up if you’ve been banned from using any website

*You can’t register if you have a criminal record

*One profile only

So right there Elite Singles weeds out a lot of the crap and boosts your premium selection. On many other dating sites I had numerous profiles no problem – not gonna happen with ES.

If I was starting fresh again as an expat searching for love in Canada, Elite Singles would definitely be my first step!

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Love or Affair? Do you know the Difference?

Most Guys Don’t Care

Is it Genuine or Fabricated Fantasy?

Oh the mind is a powerful thing!

difference between love and affair

I’m told an affair is just a romantic friendship or the physical actions or attachment between two people. Love is a deeper more meaningful attachment that includes physical and a whole lot more.

As a guy I don’t need love in my relationship. The physical act of sex comes first. Sure there are times when I feel some love I guess, but honestly it’s never my focus. And I certainly don’t need love in order to have sex or to “hook up” with a girl. When your focus is dating the only thing love is good for is complicating things.

Simple with no strings works best for me!

I love the affair I guess because it’s keeping that constant state of excitement; where your heart’s pounding and you’re addicted to the unknown. In a marriage this is referred to as the Honeymoon stage, which of course comes to an abrupt end shortly after the couple gets into the swing of their daily routine.

That didn’t interest me one bit, particularly early on in the dating scene.

sexPerhaps it’s the fact that with love comes commitment. You start getting introduced to friends and family, and the pressures start compounding about setting a date and planning a future together. Scary stuff when you are just out to have a good time with the ladies.

Affairs are all about the individual; selfish if you will. You are actually measuring and basing your decisions on how this girl is making you feel. If you like her you might continue the affair; if you don’t you can ditch her and move on with no regrets. Sounds like a touch of bipolar.

I have and always will thrive on the chemistry. I love that passionate surface and sexual connection. Admittedly I search for that when I’m dating. And I haven’t always been dating. I’ve had a few short love connections and even an infatuation, turned love, turned marriage, turned divorce. 

Wanna know why I got divorced?

Not just because I missed the dating scene. I got divorced because when the Honeymoon was over it was really over. The excitement and passion disappeared and I didn’t know how to get it back. And I knew I’d get that “fix” if you will, in the dating world because every day is a new day, with a new girl and lots of adventure. You might call me a creep or a slider but at least I’m being honest.

While we’re at it, I may as well fess up and tell you I have dated married women, and I have had an affair; once when I was married and just twice when dating, in what my girlfriend thought was a committed relationship. I don’t make a practice of it but it does happen more often than you think.

And if you’re into dating someone who’s already taken, you’ll find that women accept affairs a lot more in Europe than in North America (See a study on nationalities most likely to cheat ). That really surprised me at first. In the Western nations where Christian routes remain strong, cheating is less tolerated. I experienced this in particular when dating in the big cities like L.A. and New York.

However, when it came to the ready and willing in Europe, in particular Norway, affairs weren’t such a big deal. Personally I’ve dated 4 drop dead gorgeous married women as an expat during my 2 months in Norway. It wasn’t a big secret like it is in the states. Just as long as we didn’t run in to the hubby when we were together, all was well.

Don’t laugh, I had a wingman friend of mine that bumped into the husband of his date at a club, and let’s just say my buddy spent 3 days in the hospital just because he picked the wrong club.

Some advice on hooking up in a foreign country…

Check out the online dating services and use the top ranked sex sites. This makes it super easy for you to get some action fast. I just search online “the best online dating sites in Norway” for instance, and you’ll get a list with a short description and reviews. Read through them to find the one that fits your needs and get started.

I think it’s time for you to take action!

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Calling All Adult Males Looking to Hookup in Canada

Expat Advice on the Dating Scene

Adult Friend Finder Worth a shot

There’s plenty of pretty women in the sea if you are fishing in Canada gentlemen. I found a few hot spots in just about every province I frequented; Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. I’ve even heard the newest province Nunavut has plenty of action, that’s just too far north and too bloody cold for me thanks!

The first hunting grounds I recommend are the clubs and bars; it’s where a lot of the locals frequently chill out; and in my case it gave me a good feel for the ladies. In Toronto, Ontario, you’ve got to make sure you blend in because the girls tend to be a little more guarded towards outsiders; if you aren’t a Torontonian, sometimes you’ll get the cold shoulder. And being single in Toronto sucks. Really.

No need to worry though because I actually had a lot more luck using AFF or Adult Friend Finder. It’s an online dating website hookup that takes just 5 easy steps. You start by stating your sex and what you are interested in, along with a short blurb about yourself, at least 18 characters long.

Then you’re in!

From there your eyeballs will pop because you’re going to see some super provocative profiles that will get the adrenaline flowing. You can check out “What’s New,” for the newbies on the block, or you can dive into the Live Action Chatrooms.

affAFF is an interesting site with plenty of nasty, and I mean that in a good way, if that’s what you’re looking for. I can attest this site is a one-stop-shop for fulfilling all your sexual fantasies. What I loved best was I could push my boundaries in person or online. So when I was a little shy at first I could still build up my confidence without actually meeting the girl.

Trust me when I tell you I learned lots.

I will say it annoyed me a little that I found a lot of professional girls on the site; not the end of the world but it did bother me enough to tell you.

Biggest Plus…

LOVED the “What’s Hot” feature. Even when I was a newbie I could immediately interact with some real HOT women!

There is really nothing detailed on this site; no questionnaires or explicit information with substance. I’ll admit I wasn’t looking for anything serious, but knowing a little more about the dates beforehand might have helped weed out a few of the bombs I dated.

I shouldn’t complain though because most of the girls I met in Canada on Adult Friend Finder were really hot and genuinely sweet girls.

And on the money front, you can get an account for free but if you want to access any of the interactive features you’ve got to sign up. It’s really just pocket change, less than the cost of a night out for monthly access, but money out nonetheless.

If you are looking to push the boundaries with your dating in Canada I highly recommend you check out AFF, you’ll immediately know if it’s your cup of tea or not.

You never know unless you try!

To get a better impression of AFF, you can watch this TV commercial. Have fun.

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Top Secrets for Guys Dating in Norway

Bars and Clubs Hot

Tinder and C-Date Apps Hotter

When you are looking to take action in the dating scene in Norway there’s plenty of opportunity. It’s funny how Norway seems dividing in the different protocol when it comes to taking a pretty girl out. Initially as an expat I met with the culture clash of the “group dating” thing. And I can honestly say I thought it was freakin weird. Didn’t take me long to warm up to it though; who doesn’t like becoming part of one big happy family, even if your goal is to get some quiet one-on-one time with a pretty girl.

As you get a little deeper into the dating world of Norwegian girls you’ll find out the scene is subdivided yet again; into clubs and bars, and the app stuff, Tinder and C-date in particular. Essentially there’s a layered look to it that pretty much accommodates any preference. I just learned that with a little trial and error and time playing the field.

Typical Club and Bar Dating Scene…

norwaySo the club and bar scene is pretty self-explanatory. You never know what you’re going to get; sometimes dating this route is a blast and you get a hit, and other times you’re going to be bored silly and strike out. Of course if you’re boozing it up, like most of the girls are, it’s a lot more fun, but can also get messy quick! I can’t count the number of times I’ve held my perspective date’s head over the toilet bowl!

App Dating is in

Time stops for nobody and with the fast pace of our world today, dating apps just seem to make sense; at least in Norway! 

Tinder is one of the hot spot routes for expats to get to know girls and capture a feel for the fish in the sea. I wouldn’t advise using Tinder to get serious with someone; you’ll be sorely disappointed, but it is effective in just getting to know girls and open your dating door a little wider.

I used this app when I first arrived in Norway because I was itching to date and really didn’t know a soul. Didn’t take me long to hook up with some really cool chicks, in “group” format, a good start anyway. Just never had any luck getting lucky through Tinder, straight up and to the point!

C-Date Spells Action

If you are looking to get lucky I would strongly suggest you get busy with C-date. This app opens doors for a little more forward action to find that gal you are searching for. I’m proud to report I scored 8 for 10 with this connection; and I’m just an average looking guy. Didn’t hurt that I’m Canadian and for some reason the Norwegian girls love Canadians. 

C-date advertises as a casual dating site for men and women. A classy site that matches you up with totally hot women that want to give you what you want; at least in my experience.

In Norwegian they describe themselves as follows: ble grunnlagt i 2008 og er den største nettjenesten for casual dating i Europa, med mer enn 8 millioner brukere i 35 land, og over 380 000 medlemmer i Norge. C-date tilbyr den anonymitet og diskresjon som trengs for at man skal kunne leve ut sine fantasier, uansett hvilke, og er det eneste alternativet til tradisjonell matchmaking og X-ratede datingsider. C-date er basert på et unikt matchingsystem hvor medlemmenes personlige preferanser og mål genererer veldig relevante treff, enten man ønsker seg en flørt, et erotisk eventyr eller å få fantasier oppfylt.

This site gains credibility on the fact that it promotes exotic and exciting relationships without the baggage. A no obligation way to get to know women which takes the pressure off. Only once did I wind up with a really pretty girl that was talking about marriage and babies. Needless to say she never got a second date with me. Just not what a young 24 year-old guy wants to think about.

There’s plenty of action to be had dating in Norway. Use these pointers, stay safe, and have fun.

Enjoy your adventure!

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Dating Differences around the Globe

What Guys Need to Know Dating Abroad

To say I’m a seasoned traveler is an understatement; and to say I’m a serial dater is pretty accurate! The day after my graduation from high school; some 5 years ago, I was off on my first adventure ever out of the country; my home base is Canada.

The plan was to take a year to travel throughout Europe and the world, apply to University, get a job, find a wife, have kids, and live happily ever after; you know the drill. Well it wasn’t meant to be. Instead I used my monthly allowance, yes my family is rich, and I rationed it to continue my travels, explaining to my parents like a broken record player I was “finding myself.” We’ll leave it at that.

Oh – I almost forgot to tell you. I used to run a podcast on dating topics, but in the end I became a dating and relationships coach. Not really what my parents had planned for me but I’m happy and that’s what matters, right?

For guys especially, it’s important to understand there are different expectations around the globe when you are looking to find that special girl, or if you’re just out for some experience and fun. For instance, I found out the hard way when visiting the Middle East, that you don’t ask a pretty girl out without first getting permission from the father of the household and if you’re smart, the eldest son. “Arranged” marriages are the thing, which also means “arranged” dating applies. Nevertheless, the Middle East is also getting ready for the western style of dating online.

Here’s a little more about what I’ve experienced dating around the world.

Independent and Free in Canada

It really depends where you are in Canada but dating really doesn’t have a lot of rules. Families are typically mixed and deeply diverse, with a mish-mash of backgrounds, religious beliefs and customs, so individual rules really apply.

canadaMost young teens meet people at clubs, bars, parties, and blind dates. Online dating is also huge, an easy way to step outside your comfort zone and meet different girls, particularly if you live in a small town; one gas station and corner store sort of thing. That’s also the route to take if you’re a serial dater like I was, so you can set yourself up for 5-6 dates in one day if you like – naughty but fun!

It’s all about Groups in Europe

Now if you happen to be looking for some fun in Europe, start thinking in groups. Particularly in Norway, young people “date” in large groups, so it’s more like an event. A chance to get to know each other a little better in a “safe” and more “relaxed” atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if your date turned into a community slumber party experience – not an orgy, a slumber party. That’s just how it works!

Shyness Sums it up in the UK

When it comes to dating women in the UK you’re going to have to take the bull by the horns. The girls are typically shy and prefer to date in small groups versus the one on one time. I met a really sweet girl about 5 years ago that was unbelievably shy, she refused to date me initially and I found out after-the-fact it was because she was too nervous to have dinner with me alone. It didn’t take long to convince her to go on a solo date with me; in fact it happened the day after she brought two of her friends along on our “date.” I laugh at it now but it wasn’t so funny at the time because I just didn’t understand the culture.

Lucky for me I stuck it out because that beautiful lass today is my wife, Natasha.

Don’t Bother in Iraq

When it comes to dating in Iraq you could say it’s stone cold. Dating is actually complete illegal, so don’t even try it if you value your life. Families arrange the marriages here and often the couple never meets until the day they are wed in blissful harmony. Something I will never understand.
Sweden is a Shy-Group Combo

Sweden is similar to Finland when it comes to dating. It’s fun and not quite as casual as the North American perspective. You start off having to break through the shyness factor, then you get the “group” experience, and if you survive all that, you finally get to do the one on one stuff, that’s the fun part.

When you think about it the Swede’s probably have it right. There’s very little pressure when you first start dating a girl because she’s in a comfortable environment and gets lots of guidance, good or bad, about whether or not you’re worth pursuing of if you’re a creep. This process probably dissuades a lot of heartache down the road.

If you stick it out till the solo date night, you’ve got a pretty good shot and creating a quality relationship.

Be smart, keep your mind open and the rules in mind, and you’ll do just fine!

Good Luck!

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