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Top Secrets for Guys Dating in Norway

Bars and Clubs Hot Tinder and C-Date Apps Hotter When you are looking to take action in the dating scene in Norway there’s plenty of opportunity. It’s funny how Norway seems dividing in the different protocol when it comes to taking a pretty girl out. Initially as an expat I met with the culture clash of the “group dating” thing. And I can honestly say I thought it was freakin weird. Didn’t take me long to warm up to it though; who doesn’t like becoming part of one big happy family, even if your goal is to get some quiet one-on-one time with a pretty girl. As you get a little deeper into the dating world of Norwegian girls you’ll find out the scene is subdivided yet again; into clubs and bars, and the app stuff, Tinder and C-date in particular. Essentially there’s a layered look to it that pretty much accommodates any preference. I just learned that with a little trial and error and time playing the field. Typical Club and Bar Dating Scene… So the club and bar scene is pretty self-explanatory. You never know what you’re going to get; sometimes dating this route is a blast and you get a hit, and other times you’re going to be bored silly and strike out. Of course if you’re boozing it up, like most of the girls are, it’s a lot more fun, but can also get messy quick! I can’t count the number of times I’ve held my perspective date’s head over the toilet bowl! App Dating is in Time stops for nobody and with the fast pace of our world today, dating apps just seem to make sense; at least in Norway!  Tinder is one of the hot spot routes for expats to get to know girls and capture a feel for the fish in the sea. I wouldn’t advise using Tinder to get serious with someone; you’ll be sorely disappointed, but it is effective in just getting to know girls and open your dating door a little wider. I used this app when I first arrived in Norway because I was itching to date and really didn’t know a soul. Didn’t take me long to hook up with some really cool chicks, in “group” format, a good start anyway. Just never had any luck getting lucky through Tinder, straight up and to the point! C-Date Spells Action If you are looking to get lucky I would strongly suggest you get busy with C-date. This app opens doors for a little more forward action to find that gal you are searching for. I’m proud to report I scored 8 for 10 with this connection; and I’m just an average looking guy. Didn’t hurt that I’m Canadian and for some reason the Norwegian girls love Canadians.  C-date advertises as a casual dating site for men and women. A classy site that matches you up with totally hot women that want to give you what you want; at least in my experience. In Norwegian they describe themselves as follows: ble grunnlagt i 2008 og er den største nettjenesten for casual dating i Europa, med mer enn 8 millioner brukere i 35 land, og over 380 000 medlemmer i Norge. C-date tilbyr den anonymitet og diskresjon som trengs for at man skal kunne leve ut sine fantasier, uansett hvilke, og er det eneste alternativet til tradisjonell matchmaking og X-ratede datingsider. C-date er basert på et unikt matchingsystem hvor medlemmenes personlige preferanser og mål genererer veldig relevante treff, enten man ønsker seg en flørt, et erotisk eventyr eller å få fantasier oppfylt. This site gains credibility on the fact that it promotes exotic and exciting relationships without the baggage. A no obligation way to get to know women which takes the pressure off. Only once did I wind up with a really pretty girl that was talking about marriage and babies. Needless to say she never got a second date with me. Just not what a young 24 year-old guy wants to think about. There’s plenty of action to be had dating in Norway. Use these pointers, stay safe, and have fun. Enjoy your adventure!

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Dating Differences around the Globe

What Guys Need to Know Dating Abroad To say I’m a seasoned traveler is an understatement; and to say I’m a serial dater is pretty accurate! The day after my graduation from high school; some 5 years ago, I was off on my first adventure ever out of the country; my home base is Canada. The plan was to take a year to travel throughout Europe and the world, apply to University, get a job, find a wife, have kids, and live happily ever after; you know the drill. Well it wasn’t meant to be. Instead I used my monthly allowance, yes my family is rich, and I rationed it to continue my travels, explaining to my parents like a broken record player I was “finding myself.” We’ll leave it at that. Oh – I almost forgot to tell you. I used to run a podcast on dating topics, but in the end I became a dating and relationships coach. Not really what my parents had planned for me but I’m happy and that’s what matters, right? For guys especially, it’s important to understand there are different expectations around the globe when you are looking to find that special girl, or if you’re just out for some experience and fun. For instance, I found out the hard way when visiting the Middle East, that you don’t ask a pretty girl out without first getting permission from the father of the household and if you’re smart, the eldest son. “Arranged” marriages are the thing, which also means “arranged” dating applies. Nevertheless, the Middle East is also getting ready for the western style of dating online. Here’s a little more about what I’ve experienced dating around the world. Independent and Free in Canada It really depends where you are in Canada but dating really doesn’t have a lot of rules. Families are typically mixed and deeply diverse, with a mish-mash of backgrounds, religious beliefs and customs, so individual rules really apply. Most young teens meet people at clubs, bars, parties, and blind dates. Online dating is also huge, an easy way to step outside your comfort zone and meet different girls, particularly if you live in a small town; one gas station and corner store sort of thing. That’s also the route to take if you’re a serial dater like I was, so you can set yourself up for 5-6 dates in one day if you like – naughty but fun! It’s all about Groups in Europe Now if you happen to be looking for some fun in Europe, start thinking in groups. Particularly in Norway, young people “date” in large groups, so it’s more like an event. A chance to get to know each other a little better in a “safe” and more “relaxed” atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if your date turned into a community slumber party experience – not an orgy, a slumber party. That’s just how it works! Shyness Sums it up in the UK When it comes to dating women in the UK you’re going to have to take the bull by the horns. The girls are typically shy and prefer to date in small groups versus the one on one time. I met a really sweet girl about 5 years ago that was unbelievably shy, she refused to date me initially and I found out after-the-fact it was because she was too nervous to have dinner with me alone. It didn’t take long to convince her to go on a solo date with me; in fact it happened the day after she brought two of her friends along on our “date.” I laugh at it now but it wasn’t so funny at the time because I just didn’t understand the culture. Lucky for me I stuck it out because that beautiful lass today is my wife, Natasha. Don’t Bother in Iraq When it comes to dating in Iraq you could say it’s stone cold. Dating is actually complete illegal, so don’t even try it if you value your life. Families arrange the marriages here and often the couple never meets until the day they are wed in blissful harmony. Something I will never understand. Sweden is a Shy-Group Combo Sweden is similar to Finland when it comes to dating. It’s fun and not quite as casual as the North American perspective. You start off having to break through the shyness factor, then you get the “group” experience, and if you survive all that, you finally get to do the one on one stuff, that’s the fun part. When you think about it the Swede’s probably have it right. There’s very little pressure when you first start dating a girl because she’s in a comfortable environment and gets lots of guidance, good or bad, about whether or not you’re worth pursuing of if you’re a creep. This process probably dissuades a lot of heartache down the road. If you stick it out till the solo date night, you’ve got a pretty good shot and creating a quality relationship. Be smart, keep your mind open and the rules in mind, and you’ll do just fine! Good Luck!

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