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I’ll admit it’s tough as a guy to pinpoint those super sexy single women that are actually looking  for a serious relationship. Although for most of my serial dating career I’ve tried to keep it super casual and fun, there have been occasions where I really wanted to finally find “the one.” 

This dream was pretty much impossible hitting the clubs in Canada. Most of the girls I met would talk the talk but wouldn’t walk the walk. I remember visiting a couple expat friends in London, Ontario, Canada, where I met a couple really gorgeous women who were supposedly looking for a serious relationship. I found out the hard way they were just searching for a serious relationship for the moment, until a richer opportunity came around. 

A little frustrating as a guy when you’re actually ready to turn that corner and commit to dating just one girl at a time.

For guys looking for well-educated serious relationships…

I highly recommend you check out Elite Singles.

With this site you can immediately identify the type of woman you’re looking for and you’ll know they are actually looking for a relationship, not just a romp in the hay. 

Unfortunately the main issue I’ve found with other online dating sites is they are loaded with hookups; girls just looking to get their feet wet and play around a little before shouting out NEXT! That’s all fine and dandy if that’s what you’re into. But it really sucks if you are ready for a serious relationship and don’t want to dick around.

On Elite Singles you’ll find successful busy women that have both brains and beauty, and just don’t really have time to date the old-fashioned way. This is where you will find special ladies that aren’t afraid of commitment and marriage.

*56% of the membership base is single women

*Two-thirds of members have at least a Bachelor’s degree

This sight was create with “lasting love in mind.”

It’s loaded with passionate people. Doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to find your perfect match, but at least you are looking in the premium pool and not the mud puddle! 

I remember crystal clear the first time I tried elite dating; in all honesty I was skeptical. Could have been because I just got off that gynormously fun but dead end Plenty of Fish (read also the POF experience here). I swear that site ONLY has serial daters. Girls that will never in a zillion years be satisfied with the guy in front of them because they are already getting excited with the new profile on the street.

Nice gals but definitely not the type you want to take home to your mom and set your sites on marrying.

With Elite Singles it was easy to sign up for the free membership. I just took the short personality test and created a profile, then free of charge I was sent suggestions for a match! There’s also the option for a paid membership that gives you a few extras. I upgraded to the paid version and every girl I dated was a home run! 

A couple of my buddies and I were talking and I think the reason this site is awesome for meeting quality Canadian women is because you’ve got to get into the personal details up front. 

*You can’t be married or in a relationship

*You can’t fake your identity because ES can ask you to verify at any time

*You can’t sign up if you’ve been banned from using any website

*You can’t register if you have a criminal record

*One profile only

So right there Elite Singles weeds out a lot of the crap and boosts your premium selection. On many other dating sites I had numerous profiles no problem – not gonna happen with ES.

If I was starting fresh again as an expat searching for love in Canada, Elite Singles would definitely be my first step!

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