Love or Affair? Do you know the Difference?

Most Guys Don’t Care

Is it Genuine or Fabricated Fantasy?

Oh the mind is a powerful thing!

difference between love and affair

I’m told an affair is just a romantic friendship or the physical actions or attachment between two people. Love is a deeper more meaningful attachment that includes physical and a whole lot more.

As a guy I don’t need love in my relationship. The physical act of sex comes first. Sure there are times when I feel some love I guess, but honestly it’s never my focus. And I certainly don’t need love in order to have sex or to “hook up” with a girl. When your focus is dating the only thing love is good for is complicating things.

Simple with no strings works best for me!

I love the affair I guess because it’s keeping that constant state of excitement; where your heart’s pounding and you’re addicted to the unknown. In a marriage this is referred to as the Honeymoon stage, which of course comes to an abrupt end shortly after the couple gets into the swing of their daily routine.

That didn’t interest me one bit, particularly early on in the dating scene.

sexPerhaps it’s the fact that with love comes commitment. You start getting introduced to friends and family, and the pressures start compounding about setting a date and planning a future together. Scary stuff when you are just out to have a good time with the ladies.

Affairs are all about the individual; selfish if you will. You are actually measuring and basing your decisions on how this girl is making you feel. If you like her you might continue the affair; if you don’t you can ditch her and move on with no regrets. Sounds like a touch of bipolar.

I have and always will thrive on the chemistry. I love that passionate surface and sexual connection. Admittedly I search for that when I’m dating. And I haven’t always been dating. I’ve had a few short love connections and even an infatuation, turned love, turned marriage, turned divorce. 

Wanna know why I got divorced?

Not just because I missed the dating scene. I got divorced because when the Honeymoon was over it was really over. The excitement and passion disappeared and I didn’t know how to get it back. And I knew I’d get that “fix” if you will, in the dating world because every day is a new day, with a new girl and lots of adventure. You might call me a creep or a slider but at least I’m being honest.

While we’re at it, I may as well fess up and tell you I have dated married women, and I have had an affair; once when I was married and just twice when dating, in what my girlfriend thought was a committed relationship. I don’t make a practice of it but it does happen more often than you think.

And if you’re into dating someone who’s already taken, you’ll find that women accept affairs a lot more in Europe than in North America (See a study on nationalities most likely to cheat ). That really surprised me at first. In the Western nations where Christian routes remain strong, cheating is less tolerated. I experienced this in particular when dating in the big cities like L.A. and New York.

However, when it came to the ready and willing in Europe, in particular Norway, affairs weren’t such a big deal. Personally I’ve dated 4 drop dead gorgeous married women as an expat during my 2 months in Norway. It wasn’t a big secret like it is in the states. Just as long as we didn’t run in to the hubby when we were together, all was well.

Don’t laugh, I had a wingman friend of mine that bumped into the husband of his date at a club, and let’s just say my buddy spent 3 days in the hospital just because he picked the wrong club.

Some advice on hooking up in a foreign country…

Check out the online dating services and use the top ranked sex sites. This makes it super easy for you to get some action fast. I just search online “the best online dating sites in Norway” for instance, and you’ll get a list with a short description and reviews. Read through them to find the one that fits your needs and get started.

I think it’s time for you to take action!

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